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Freedom. Responsability. Leadership.

Free to choose the best
Free to plan the future.
Free to be leaders, responsible in safeguarding our beliefs.

Free and protagonists:
we built Itway on the notions of freedom and being protagonists, choosing the best technologies and offering our clients the best ICT solutions.

Itway Spa was created in Ravenna in 1996 as an offshoot of a project by Andrea G. Farina, the current President and Chief Executive of the Group. Itway is listed on the Star segment of Borsa Italia.

The Itway Group has a complete offer of Information Technology solutions that comprise the integration of application software, hardware, services, training and consultancy that help companies make all their corporate processes more efficient, competitive and safe.

The Itway Group is a fundamental reference point in Southern Europe, the Middle East and Africa (SEMEA) in planning, building and distributing ICT products and creating solutions through a broad and consolidated network of Business Technology Partners.
The Group’s clients are mostly large corporations in the telecommunications, energy, manufacturing, defense, healthcare and services sectors but also small and medium-sized companies with high technological know-how and also listed companies.

Message from the president

Message from the president
Computer science and telecommunications are taking on an ever more important role in our daily lives. In particular, companies have started to consider their Information Systems as strategic assets not only for company business but as essential to the growth of the company. Undoubtedly the move towards this strategy is directly connected to the exponential diffusion that the new medium that is the Internet has undergone and is continuing to undergo at a pace that is without parallel in the evolutionary history of society and technology. The Internet is responsible for the enormous changes in economics that are taking place due to the birth of the Net Economy. An increasing number of companies have flanked the traditional way of doing business with new models centred around the Internet as a supplementary channel either at the top or at the bottom of their personal value chain (e-business). Within their process of renewal, companies are adopting widely differing types of methodology and approach, with varying degrees of success. The introduction of e-business highlights, in all their complexity, the questions of strategy, organisation, function and technology that arise to a greater or lesser extent in all innovating firms. In the ICT sector, characterised by constant and rapid change, the Itway group proposes itself as a reliable Partner, expert in e-business solutions. Itway is a Value Added Distributor for “best of breed” technologies, enabling e-business solutions. It operates on the market through a network of expert Partners (Value Added Resellers and Systems Integrators) with the best names on the market, whose task is to create e-business solutions. The Business-e company works as a consulting firm for e-business, while SecureWay is a consulting firm offering expert advice on logical security problems relating to computer systems and e-business solutions. We provide, therefore, products and services that cover all possible types of need correlated to e-business with exceptionally detailed focus and an unparalleled degree of specialisation. We intend in the future to remain in our role as leaders in the evolution of ICT market, and to do so by applying the Business Values to which our “business partners”(clients, suppliers, collaborators, shareholders) have been bound since Itway was founded on 4th July 1996. This is the exciting challenge the Itway group Team meets and accepts on a daily basis.

G. Andrea Farina
We dream of an interconnected world, where communicating is easy, accessible; where transactions are secure; where everyone can compete loyally on the basis of ideas and skills. Thanks to this “dream” in twenty years of activity we became leaders in Southern Europe in the supply of ICT hardware and software. We also set the basis for the future leadership in consultancy and in the delivery of cyber security services.
While operating in a very competitive, high-growth market, our Group has put in place strategies to diversify itself in the Mediterranean area, and in the services area in Italy so as to allow us to grow more than the reference market.
The strength in the integrated approach allows companies of the Group to respond to all client needs establishing themselves as reliable partners in the offer high value added ICT solutions: from the choice of the “best of breed” technology, to consultancy related to the best ICT solutions, to training courses to the offer of advanced services in the Cyber Security and Data Management Systems markets.