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  • I Care Of You (ICOY): I take care of you! Systems designed to save lives and reduce the risks of workplace accidents.
  • Every year there are over 550,000 accidents at work, over 1,200 reports of accidents with fatal outcome.
  • 7% of these mainly concern the sectors logistics and goods handling.

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Goals of the system

  • ICOY MOVER ® is an advanced system, unique in the world, for the prevention of accidents at work.
  • A very demanding challenge, since no one has ever succeeded in doing so
  • ICOY MOVER® is designed for activities concerning in particular the storage and production areas where cranes, bridge cranes and mobile operating vehicles such as bulldozers and forklifts (forklifts) are used.

Technological challenges

  • In carrying out the project, the Itway team had to identify and overcome the limits of the technologies commonly used in the detection of the presence of personnel.
  • For example, being applied in industrial environments with a high presence of metals (iron and its derivatives), it is not possible to use an RF motion detection system.
  • As it is also unsuitable, given the presence of heat sources (ovens, steam, compressors, heat sinks, ...), the use of IR motion detection systems.
  • For the same reason, even normal image analysis, if used, produces numerous false alarms.

ICOY MOVER® product line

ICOY MOVER Forklift ®


ICOY MOVER Forklift ®

System composition

  • ICOY MOVER FORKLIFT® with the help of two or more cameras and a powerful algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence, immediately signals the presence of people in a predefined danger area in the vicinity of the means of transport, compensating for the fact that the driver's visibility is often limited, both by the structure of the forklift truck itself and by objects on the ground.
  • ICOY MOVER FORKLIFT® applies different people Detection & Tracking systems using Deep Learning algorithms based on CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) systems.

Security perimeter

Itway, having analyzed the vehicle and all its parameters (dimensions, speed, operating conditions, methods of use), proposes a security perimeter (dashed in red for an example of a security perimeter).

Driver support - internal display and alarms

If a person crosses the safety perimeter, the display box relating to the camera that identified the person lights up in red and an audible alarm sounds in the cabin.


System composition

Two cameras are positioned on the trolley of the bridge crane in order to monitor the area below, producing a stereoscopic image of both sides of the hook. Grids identify the targets: A circle «the forbidden zone» and a rectangle «the man to protect». A powerful graphics processor processes the images using Deep Learning algorithms based on CNN (Convolutional Neural Network) systems.

Alarm effect

  • If an operator operates inside the danger area, an alarm is generated, both visual (flashing) and audible (siren) and this produces an immediate benefit for company safety!
  • The operators, after hearing the siren, move back and remain at the edge of the danger area and spontaneously begin to respect the edge of the area.